Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, Insite Commercial has a range of value-adding realty services to help support your commercial real estate and investment property endeavors. Our company is fueled by our clients’ success, so we combine teamwork, technology, and a passion for property to provide expert advice and support throughout the entire transaction process.

Explore each of Insite Commercial’s services below to see how our team helps Michigan’s businesses and investors thrive in the property industry.


With local expertise in the Michigan property market, Insite Commercial is dedicated to providing clients with a range of services for both acquisitions and dispositions. Our team’s acquisition due diligence service makes sure that our clients have well-rounded and detailed information on each property or portfolio they are considering leasing or purchasing. Just a few of our acquisition services include analyses, property inspections, historical reviews, price negotiations, and the like. From help with title work to document signing, we offer our clients hands-on closings for their new properties. When it comes to dispositions, Insite Commercial also takes on an active role to perform market evaluations, market the property, and closings.

Investment Sales

Whether you are new to investing or already familiar with the process, Insite Commercial can work with you to find commercial real estate investments in Michigan that match your specific goals. Supported by market-leading research and years of experience, our team has advised hundreds of clients on where and how to invest their money to get them the best returns possible. If you start to outgrow one of your properties and wish to sell the investment, Insite Commercial can help you conduct a 1031 exchange, market your property, and more. When you work with our team, you can rely on our honest advice for financial success in the property industry.

Market Research & Valuation

Learn more about your market and uncover the true value of your current or prospective property or portfolio with Insite Commercial’s market research and valuation services. Our team utilizes resources that layout area-specific demographics and traffic data to inform purchasing decisions in our market. Since our firm is a member of groups including CPIX and CoStar, we are proud to have the latest reliable data right at our fingertips to help research and find hundreds of commercial real estate properties throughout Michigan. Through direct communication, our team will let you know everything we need for your valuation, so we can accurately and timely get you the results you need.

Tenant & Landlord Representation

At Insite Commercial, we are here to get you through the challenges of being a tenant or landlord, so you can fully enjoy the opportunities that either owning or leasing a property brings. Our tenant representation services help tenants with new lease acquisitions, lease negotiations, exit strategies, location analyses, and more. For landlords, our team maximizes the property value by marketing the property, finding the best-matched tenants, negotiating leases, and more. With our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of Michigan’s commercial real estate, the team at Insite Commercial represents landlords and tenants to get them the most out of their real estate transactions.

Property Management

When you appoint Insite Commercial as your chosen property management firm, our real estate experts will protect your properties, save you time, and achieve the best possible return from your investments. Our highly-trained and professional team tailors our property management service to each clients’ needs, so we know exactly how to manage their property or portfolio. Insite Commercial is proud to have the knowledge, technology, and experience to offer property owners management services including oversight of real estate tasks, regular inspections, tenant communication, lease negotiations, and much more. Above all, we are a reliable firm that maintains close contact with our clients to keep them in the loop with every decision we make in regards to their investment.  For more information please contact Simon Rubin at 248-359-9000 ext. 6.

Aviation Services

From an aerial perspective, clients can get a full view of properties as well as their surrounding roads, amenities, and other important features. While some real estate firms rely on Google Earth or third-party companies to provide their clients with aerial imaging, Insite Commercial has our own helicopter to go the extra mile. This way, we can offer clients real-time photos, video footage, and personal tours of properties to see any ongoing construction, nearby facilities, and more. With our aviation services, Insite Commercial ensures that our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are seeing properties in their most up-to-date form before making any decisions.

Consultation & Strategic Planning

At Insite Commercial, we work hard each day to make sure our clients have all the information they need to make fully-informed real estate and business decisions. We have a wide range of consulting and planning services that are designed to give our clients the upper-hand in all business-related real estate decisions. Our goal as a commercial real estate firm is to make our clients feel confident with every decision they make in the property market, so our agents make sure they have the information they need to take the next steps in the commercial real estate landscape.

Sale & Leaseback

If you are the owner of a property, but you decide you want to occupy the space without the hassle of directly owning the property, Insite Commercial can support you through the sale-and-leaseback process. Our team will work with you to decide the best strategy and execute a seamless process, so you can free up capital and ensure property flexibility in the long-run. From asset analysis and valuation to marketing and investor targeting, Insite Commercial has the strategies and resources to make for a simple sale-and-leaseback.

Healthcare Real Estate Services

We provide real estate solutions for the healthcare professional, recommending the most effective and proven real estate strategies for maximizing profits, reducing operational expenses, and creating wealth. Our firm specializes in the healthcare profession. We pride ourselves in providing uncompromising customer service and thorough technical advice. We will work closely with you to identify and analyze opportunities and to implement ideas that advance your growth objectives.

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